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The Number 1 Change You Should Make to Your Diet Today

Tuesday 7th November 2017
Jonny Carter

There are so many diet tips out this to boost your metabolism, eat that to give you more energy. If you want to lose weight you need to cut this out, eat this and eat that, take these supplements and those shakes. Depending on what it is some of these things can be beneficial, however many people miss the number one thing they can do to improve their diet and therefore their overall health......improve the quality of your nutrition

So, what do I mean by improving the quality of your nutrition? Everything you put into your body from the rich variety of food available on a day to day basis forms your nutrient intake. The problem is today generally the quality and quantity of peoples' diets is poor. This is often blamed on modern hectic lifestyles. The problem is with this, is that it leads to large nutritional deficiencies. This can cause many problems including poor digestion, poor sleep, lots of stress and inflammation in the body and a basic inability to function properly. How many of you are 'used to feeling tired'? Have low mood, poor memory etc? Many I am sure. This shouldn't be the case. These problems are all majorly linked to nutrient deficiencies. Skin disorders are also linked to nutrient deficiencies and digestive problems.

Taking all this into account to improve your diet whether you are trying to lose body fat, increase muscle, get fitter or just feel healthier, the first thing you should do is something very simple....improve the quality of your food. Therefore, if your diet is poor e.g. a lot of refined foods, microwave meals, high sugar foods etc, just switching this or at least adding in green leafy vegetables, whole grains like brown rice, sweet potatoes, lean protein will supercharge your body so that you digest better, sleep better, feel more alert, have clearer skin just from the food that is available to us on a day to day basis. Yes, supplements can be important, but improving the quality of your nutrition should always come first whatever the goal.