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No-Nonsense Nutrition Advice on Fad Diets

No-Nonsense Nutrition Advice on Fad Diets

Tuesday 2nd January 2018
Jonny Carter

It's that time of year again when the fad diets are flying around! 'you can lose a stone in 7 days', 'lose 10lbs in 5 days'. We have all heard them.

There are a lot of 'fad diets' knocking about, Lighterlife, Herbalife the Cambridge diet, Slimfast, Juice diets etc.

Now the question is do they work? Well here is my answer to this

If you replaced your current daily food intake with 3 cadbury creme eggs per day you would lose weight, so in theory the creme egg diet works for weight loss, therfore you could add it to the list of 'fad diets' but what has swapping your meals for creme eggs done in terms of your overall health or educating you on proper nutrition and exercise to help you maintain a lower bodyfat?.....absolutely nothing!!

So that's all these fad diets are doing to help you lose weight, they replace your meals with dangerously low calorie bars and shakes that work for weight loss simply because they lower your overall calorie intake, there are no special ingredients in them that are helping your weight loss! The weight loss is through muscle wastage, the muscles being depleted of carbohydrate and less food going through the system, also some of the worst fad diets actually make you go to the toilet a lot more therefore you lose more weight as less water is now in the body actually causing you to be dehydrated! Basically these diets cause 'fake weight loss'!

So what happens when you stop buying and using there products??

Well because of the dangerously low calorie intake that you've been consuming you've wasted away a large amount of your muscle tissue and drastically slowed down your metabolic rate making it now much easier for your body to gain fat! Added to the fact because you've not learnt anything from these programs regarding correct nutrition and exercise you now have no clue what to eat, so you go back to your old eating habits which made you gain weight in the first place!

So now your back to your old eating habits, have a slower metabolic rate and less muscle tissue, you will end up even fatter and heavier than before you started the fad diet!!

So do yourself a favour, do the only thing that works for a long term healthier, better looking figure/physique and a lower bodyfat percentage that you can maintain long term and that's to partake in regular exercise with correct nutrition!