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Exercise Addiction - Know the Signs

Exercise Addiction - Know the Signs

Thursday 8th March 2018
Jonny Carter

Exercise is great! It helps keep us healthy. This is a well-known fact. However, there are times when exercise can become unhealthy. This is when addiction can take over and exercise can do more harm than good. Firstly, many of you who are reading this article will be regular 'gym goers' and probably often get accused by family members, friends or work colleagues for being 'obsessed with exercise'. This doesn't necessarily mean that you are. Many people say this to make themselves feel better for doing little or even no exercise at all. That said exercise addiction can be a problem.....

Here are some of the signs of exercise addiction:

  • You miss family or social events because you want to exercise
  • You're not interested in spending time with friends as you would rather be exercising
  • Even if you are unwell, injured or fatigued you won't stop exercising
  • You aren't particularly happy unless you are exercising
  • If you miss a training session you feel depressed and irritable
  • Your friends and family have noticed that you over-exercise, yet you won't listen to them!
  • You become very selfish, thinking about your needs and nobody else's

These are just some of the signs of exercise addiction. Now from time to time many of you may have some of these symptoms. This isn't a major problem, however if more than one of these symptoms constantly applies to you, it may be time to ease back a little. If three or more apply to you, it is definitely time to ease back. You will see that there is a fine line between being dedicated to your exercise regime and being addicted and this is why I have said that at times some of these symptoms will apply to you, but it doesn't necessarily mean you are addicted to exercise, however if the symptoms continuously occur you probably do have a problem.

Remember exercise is great and if you want to improve yourself whether that be to lose weight/body fat, increase lean muscle, become fitter or train for a sporting event/competition dedication is certainly needed and is beneficial if you want to achieve the results you crave, however please be aware of the signs when exercise becomes too much.