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Why might I not be losing weight with cardio?

Why might I not be losing weight with cardio?

Wednesday 5th December 2018
Jonny Carter


Cardio is great for burning fat, there is no question about it.
1. Running
2. Swimming
3. Cycling
are three good cardio exercises. Interval training being even better for torching that unwanted blubber due to the afterburn effects.

Cardio's fat burning effects are due to all the calories it burns, the downside to this is it can leave you very hungry as the body wants to replace the calories burnt.

Therefore why a lot of people don't get the results they want ie dropping a dress/trouser size is because they end up eating too much because they are hungry!

Although if you follow this page you will know I don't harp on about calories, as this is only one factor in increasing fat burning and I rather educate people on what they should eat which often takes care of calorie consumption in my experience. However the facts are to lose body fat you need to be in calorie deficit. Around a deficit of 500 calories a day is recommended to lose weight safely. You can work out how many calories you need to maintain your weight here You then just take 500 away, to work out how many you should be eating to lose weight safely.

Now I'm not saying to starve yourself! No dieting, just keeping portions under control, eating as clean as possible with good sources of protein, slow release carbohydrates and plenty of fibre, will help keep your calories under control by keeping you fuller for longer.