Here are just some of my client success stories

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I had put on a lot of weight and got stuck in the vicious cycle of comfort eating to make myself feel better, then feeling guilty for it, so eating some more! I was having to buy size 18-20 clothing, so felt really down and didn't want to go out with my friends as I hated the way I looked. I finally decided that enough was enough and I had to do something about it!

Initially I tried to diet, but found it difficult to stick to anything and just put back on any weight I lost. My work colleagues then bought me a month's gym pass for my birthday, and although I found I enjoyed exercising, I definitely needed someone to give me a bit of a kick!

The idea of having a Personal Trainer when you're unfit and overweight is scary! But Jonny was very reassuring and showed me where I'd been going wrong. He gave me a diet plan, showed me what types of exercises I should be doing, and explained that I shouldn't be scared of using the weights - they're not just for the men! In our sessions he explained about interval training and that I didn't have to spend an hour at the gym, I just needed to push myself harder and do the right exercises.

I've slowly started to gain more confidence and have now managed to lose over 4 stone! I've also just completed my first half marathon thanks to Jonny's help and advice. I would recommend Jonny to anyone, he's helped me to achieve my goals and I hope to continue with it!

Jo Russell

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I began training with Jonny Carter in February 2013 after working out by myself on-and-off for 3 years, with little to show for it.
After not exercising for the best part of a year, my weight had ballooned and I decided that I needed to do something about it. So at the turn of the New Year, I joined a new gym. Following a few weeks of mediocre workouts, with limited results, I soon realised that I required proper guidance and real motivation if I was going achieve my goals.

Then one day I received an email from Jonny informing me that I was entitled to a free Personal Training session as part of my gym membership. Recognising that I had nothing to lose, I booked myself in and went to meet Jonny for a trial session.
Upon arriving, I explained my goals - to lose body fat and develop lean muscle - and my concerns - low confidence and inspiration. Jonny then made it clear that I would achieve better, longer-lasting results from a program based around weight training, rather than countless hours of cardiovascular work like I was doing before.

The session was intense and quite physically demanding, but enjoyable and highly rewarding at the same time. I left feeling like I was on the right track, and I later decided to book a block of 10 sessions with Jonny - which I have since extended.
Jonny studied all of my criteria and created a personalised training program, along with a balanced diet plan, aimed at helping me achieve my goals in a sensible amount of time. The sessions are always one-to-one, and the range of exercises varies each week - which ensures that I am not getting bored of constantly doing the same thing.

A few weeks into the program, Jonny identified a muscle imbalance which was limiting the range of mobility in my lower back when I was performing certain exercises. This was later attributed to my hamstring and hip-flexor muscles being quite tight. Not only was I completely unaware of this weakness, but Jonny spotting it early has decreased the risk of further injury. I now use a foam-roller (upon Jonny's advice) to stretch both muscle groups on a regular basis.

Graham Large

"I have been undertaking personal training with Jonny since January 2013, and I am really pleased with the results that he has helped me to achieve so far! Jonny tailors the advice and resources he offers to your specific fitness goals. On starting the programme I was given a diet plan, training card and sets of exercises in our one-to-one sessions which are targeted at losing body fat and toning muscle. Jonny will always provide justification and explanation for the methods he uses, backed up by his knowledge and expertise in fitness and nutrition. Doing PT with Jonny has changed my entire attitude to fitness, given that I would never even dreamed of lifting weights beforehand! However, the change in my body in terms of how it looks and feels is a testament to how well these exercises work.

I would definitely recommend personal training with Jonny as his programme encourages a change in lifestyle that is both achievable and sustainable. In addition, Jonny is always friendly, approachable and happy to chat about any issues or questions. He truly cares about the results and wellbeing of his clients, which always gives me that extra bit of motivation when I'm feeling lazy!"

Sam Husbands

I have been training with Jonny for a few months now and am really seeing the benefit of his approach. I am both toning up and losing weight. Most importantly, I feel great and look a whole lot healthier than before I started working out with him. Jonathan keeps sessions lively and varied and is full of information that helps me understand my body better.

I feel a lot more equipped now to keep in shape and enjoy the gym both when doing a personal training session with Jonathan or working out by myself.

David Massingham

Jonny's support over the last year has been invaluable. With consistency in training he has helped me to become more confident and focus on my fitness and diet once again.

After experiencing phases of eating related disorders in the past and losing alot of muscle resulting in a 'very skinny' look, he has helped me with my diet and fitness making me realise that the lifestyle which I once had was not very healthy at all.

Jonny has definately made me understand the importance of how nutrition and fitness go hand in hand with one another and as a result im in better shape and have achieved more of a toned look, looking back at my 'old' lifestyle I can't imagine how much has changed over the space of a year and will definately continue to train harder in the near future.

Jonny has a very 'down to earth' personality, he is open, approachable,polite and always available to give advice and have a laugh with in the gym to anyone he meets and without his support I would have definately not reached any of my fitness goals and for this im always grateful.

I now weigh 8st in comparison to being underweight a year a go where I weighed 6st 10lbs, back then I hated the way I looked and felt about my body image. Jonny has given me a tailored nutrition and fitness programme that has helped me to make permenant lifestyle changes and as a result the anorexic thoughts inside my head do not 'rule my life'. I feel more in control of me now and that is something I have not been able to say regards to my diet in the last 10 years!

I would definately recommend Jonny to anyone who needs guidance and support because you will be guaranteed a 'no nonsense' approach to health and fitness as well a tailored programme that works; It's changed my life for the better!

Sharmin Azad